The opening reception was Thursday, March, 27th. Images are at Unpacked/Offset opening reception.

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Updating Nature Stories
Images from the opening reception
Images from a performance at the opening reception

Each Friday:
As part of the Unpacked/Offset Exhibition, artist Gabriel Bizen Akagawa will be giving "free" massages every Friday (except April 25th) during the duration of the exhibition. Akagawa has been giving free massages as part of performances for over five years. He was taught by his family in Japan who give massages as part of their barbering practice. He extends this into the gallery as an exchange program. He trades free head, neck, arm and hand massages for a story about nature in the DeKalb area. He is looking to create a gallery and online archive of the history of natural events, ecologies, and any experiences with nature in this region.

There will be ten minute sessions each Friday at the Rotunda gallery of the NIU Museum. He will massage by appointment and limited walk-ins. To ensure a massage, please e-mail him at with a desired time and a nature story. You may also choose to dictate an audio recorded story on site.

Gallery hours are 10am-5pm.

If you have any information about organizations, communities, or events that have to do with nature and the environment in the DeKalb area, please e-mail me at