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potted_prairie_smoke.jpgYea! We have plants. We have prairie smoke which is one of the earliest blooming native prairie plants in this area (everything else is still dormant).
We put out blue bird boxes yesterday, and saw the male bluebird for the first time this spring. I attached a few



We will use the crate to plant indigenous prairie plants, under greenhouse lighting, sustained by rainwater throughout the duration of the exhibition. The plants would then be transplanted into the first acre of an acre by acre project that looks long term to reclaim a corn/soybean field to native prairie.
prairie site as a soybean field last September

The land is included in an agricultural easement, the first of its kind in the state of Illinois.
The project looks back on what the Midwest was before farming, references the contained aspect of our current concept of nature, and provides a hope for long-term environmental change as the exhibited plants will be rooted and their seeds will be spread as the initial parents of the proposed prairie. Along with the crate, maps, photos, documentation of other preparatory work could be displayed.

Kim Strom
(MFA graduate student in Billie's eco art class, GA at the NIU Art Museum)
Derek Strom
(PhD graduate student in particle physics at Northwestern, lifelong resident of the farm to be restored to prairie)

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