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Crate Space Proposal by Jessica Witte

“D.I.Y. Nature” Kit

I propose to create a Do-It-Yourself “Nature” Kit within one of the crates. ( I used one crate image from the Crate Space Website for my sketch to show the configuration of the crate would be taken into account; the kit would expand to fill its parameters.) The crate would be filled with a “kit” for recreating nature – a shrink-wrapped seedling(s), shrink-wrapped dirt packets, seeds in individual foil packets, rocks protected by Styrofoam, with instructions to “add hydrogen dioxide and radiation (sunlight) for cell regeneration.” A text manual for use may or may not be included. The work would make reference to the human science of gardening, and the packaging of “Nature” into parks. Taken to an absurd degree, the work also ridicules the waste of excessive packaging of commercial goods.

Materials involved:

Individual foil packets (may be able to use found, may create with vacuum table, plastic, foil, and adhesive
Shrink-wrap and or/found plastic
Found Styrofoam

Stencil and paint for creating text “add hydrogen dioxide and radiation for cell generation” on the crate itself

Tentative: Instructions for recreating “Nature”

side note:

Another consideration is replacing the shrink-wrap, plastic, foil packets, and Styrofoam components with paper that is decorated by stains. I would mask out areas with a Nature D.I.Y. Kit Logo, and then bury the heavyweight paper. This process would result in stains that would leave the logo in place after removing the mask. I could then create containers from the “naturalized” paper for the kits components.

Jessica Witte
DeKalb Resident, artist