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In a nutshell, the idea we have come up with is to take the roughly cube-sized crate (#3.55)
Crate_3.jpgand smash it up - then make modular units out of clay that work together to mimic the original form. We would then use the chunks of wood from the original form to make relief prints in the clay, creating a permanent record of the object at hand. Following that, the actual crate (now in shards) would be used as fuel to fire the art piece.

The end result would be
1.) an art piece referencing the form put forth,
2.) an art piece paying homage to the visual essence of the originator
3.) a permanent record of the object
4.) and the actual object will have rejoined nature in its participation in the event.

This is not a small project and we are both incredibly curious to hear what you think of this concept and can’t wait to hear from you! Please share your thoughts…

Fawn and Fu-Chi


May use this crate instead: