Erin and Bradley Collaboration #1

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3boxcrate_sketch.jpgThis brief sketch is how we have found the work beginning to physically manifest.
In discussing housing and homelessness, land use and the our own contact with nature, the banana peels and compost emerged. The seeds are taking on some new meaning...more to come with that.


Erin and I examined the new crate, scratching our chins and saying hmm and ah-ha, the way artists do, and brainstormed a fine idea for it. Standing vertically, it does have similar proportions to Erin, so we would like to orient it in that way. Next, we will knock out the back (gingerly, as to preserve the stock for future use) and use some of that material to fix to the bottom, widen the foot for better support. Next, we split it into three equal parts and build drawers with plexi fronts and backs (Erin has a nice stock of plexi she would like to use) to be transparent. Next, we fill drawers: one has topsoil and worms, the agents of transformation, the helpers of decay and transmutation; in another, the dried banana peels that I have been hanging to dry for a few months, which have been removed from the decay process but still retain the "deathness" in a dry, black state, and appear oddly like branches or foliage of some sort. Finally, we fill a drawer with seeds of some sort, maybe seeds from local trees, acorns, whatever. This will nicely show the idea of a perpetual death as is each passing moment, and the perpetual life that is the potential inside these seeds, and finally, the crux of this, the worms as agents of this decay and transformation of the soil into more of a life-giving substance. The drawers will not be fixed, and will in fact be shuffled from top to middle, to bottom, back to top, illustrating the constant cycle of birth, death and transformation. It also ties directly with the first thoughts on transcience, having human proportions, this will help to connect people to their own ties to the natural processes of nature. As each moment dies in passing, and the future as potential birth, we, as humans, with always stand right in the middle, a constant state of flux.

Erin an Bradley Collaboration #2


We are splitting the "curio cabinet" crate dead in half, book-matched, with hinges on one edge and a latch of some sort on the other, displayed 3/4 open, or further, to double the spaces for tiny expressions. It would give us 14 chambers to display various oddities that inform our work, but maybe cannot stand alone.