Clothes lines/Power linesDekalb_power_lines.jpg

Driving along Hwy 88 from Chicago to DeKalb,
the power line towers dominate the landscape.
For me, these power lines evoke the image of clotheslines.


In my household we are attempting to replace our dryer clotheslines to dry our clothing, towels and linens. The moisture from the evaporation is welcome during the dry Midwest winter.

I am also interested in how American women are traditionally imaged to be responsible for such domestic duties as laundry and how this role has changed with developing technologies. I learned my ecological awareness from my mother who was constantly aware of our household consumption of energy since she paid the bills. We always hung clothes out, shut off lights when not in use, cooked at home, used our garden as much as possible, and composted food waste.

Power line Structure: Double Circuit 345KV Lattice Tower

Many Thanks to MARK LEBOWITZ for his donation of a box of telephone cords for the Clotheslines/Powerlines project.

Plan for installation in the Rotunda Gallery at the NIU Art Museum. Lattice towers will be painted on the wall. Clotheslines will attach to the towers. The clotheslines will hang drawings from student projects.
Students are encouraged to think of the power line as a transmitter of information. The towers physically connect the ground and the sky, like a tree. Students should gather information about the natural environment in the NIU and DeKalb area. The information could be collected by tracing images, writing data, painting wildlife, fauna, and other "natural" events, which will be hung on the line.